Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chocolate and Cream yummy!

Well, a little more for you today..I have always wanted cream and brown in a room and this is a perfect place to do it. It is soft and cozy and i love it! Hon painted the cream first after sanding and scuffing up the surface. Then he added and wiped off brown, The look is so nice. That is a chalkboard I picked up at a garage sale, we painted that too. The smell is better and they sure look good!
After hanging the doors back up and the chalkboard I decided cream walls would not do. We had a quart of brown left over from the cupboards and painted the wall behind them. It was perfect. It really made the creamy color drawers and cupboards stand out..

Here is Hon. Painting. He did a great job. He was so patient as I came up with ideas. He really is a handy guy. At every house we have ever lived in he has put a personal touch to each one. I love that man!

We happen to have a fridge from our sauna/spa ( I will show pics sometime of our old house) that we used for water bottles and damp spa cloths. Now, we store drinks and snacks that we hide from the kids. It is so nice! A little luxury for a girl is a good thing!

Thought about this for a curtain and then decided against it. I want cream and brown! For crying out loud! I almost got sidetracked but stood my ground! Found some great fabrics and will shown in next post. Ok so see ya then. Love ya- mean it! Stephanie

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Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

LOVE that chocolate color!! LOVE it. You are doing great! Have fun with the blog!