Thursday, July 23, 2009

Office Peeks!

I am afraid that this is what you get today..I will not be able to finish my last projects here til possibly next week sometime. We are suppose to get a heatwave and may be heading to the beach..HMmm. I know. Don't forget sunblock! haha. I'm so mean ...Anyway this is just a peek of a few things so I get ya to come back! This is my inspiration board and my little birdies perched above..
I do scrap booking and cards and I love most of all presents for family and friends..I do crafts mostly...Although my Hon keeps telling me to write a book..Where to start though- it's all to dramatic..

Stamping supplies in large jars I collected years ago..I even have some from Martha Stewart's 1rst magazine! I have been collecting things for awhile and have had craft areas in each of my houses- even if it was a closet! I really tribute my creative side to my mother- in- law Judy who really showed me and encouraged me to just let go and try.. I love that woman! My mom's side does have artistic abilities such as painting..But...and on my dad's side there was music...But..anyway..That's a long story..You will have to read the book! lol

My FABRIC! Burlap and floral linen. I cannot get rid of floral in my life! I love it! These lovely things will be a curtain under my desk. And other projects....

And candles are a must! These are beaten up and used and are just perfect! I feel so relaxed don't you? See ya! love ya mean it! Stephanie

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