Thursday, July 30, 2009

Helping with HIS project..

Well, Today I was able to return a favor to my Hon..Danny. Let me explain a little..See Danny has started a new adventure. He has returned to school and is looking into getting a degree in business..right now this dream is in the beginning stages because he is in a bit of a I- don't- know- what- is- next- funk.. as many men are right now..He is still running his business with the help of my awesome father in law Darold..and is trying to balance work, school, family and most importantly is relying on the Lord for what is the next step. Danny has always been a great provider, husband and dad! He has always supported me in everything I do and go through..and now it is his turn..I am going to be there for him as he goes through whatever it is God calls him to do next..So the picture above is a project for his art class. He is suppose to explain his emotions right now..This is a very vulnerable place for him and I applaud his effort! The above is a compiled grouping starting with the watch. Showing the time that it takes to do the schooling he needs. The rock is to show hard times.. the economy. Next, the ruler..and the question do I measure up? Is this not the question of man in general? Can I do It? Kinda like the question of a woman..Am I beautiful? Clamps..the stress of providing. If you want to see for yourself ladies how much pressure men deal with to provide I recommend the movie Faith like Potatoes... excellent! The legos are for building a new business and future for our family.. The globe with the world turned upside down shows the way things are right now with the world..The tree starts are for hope for the future . Which we believe is in God's hands completely..What would you do if you were to use things to show your emotions? Would love to know! So I helped set up this project after he chose what to show and I took the photos..returning the favor for all the projects he helps me with! thanks honey! I love you! And thanks for letting me show your project!

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