Saturday, August 7, 2010

My baby sister is getting married! I'm so excited for her! September is the big month and in a few days I, along with her bridesmaids, will be hosting a bridal shower for her...I cant believe that its finally here..She has been through so much and has risen above so many obstacles that it means even more to me to watch her grow into such a wonderful young woman! I'm as proud as a peacock I tell ya! I have been doing projects that I will post later after the shower is done along with some pictures of the shower..See ya soon! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Oklahoma Granny said...

Exciting times! Congratulations to the happy couple. Their photos are fantastic.

BECKY said...

What cute pics, Steph. I am excited for her and you! She certainly is blessed to have you for a sis! How wonderful of you to make her shower special!!

Have a blessed week, and may God give back to you some of what you give others!

Aunt Naomi said...

I so wish we were all out there to experience the shower with you all!

See you in September!

Emom said...

Lovely photos...smiles.

Anonymous said...

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Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

OMG, what was that last comment all about?! I saw what you said in your most recent post about links to posts. I usually just delete those type of comments and call it a day.

Anyway, best of luck to your sister. She is going to be such a pretty bride. The shower looks so well planned, she's lucky to have you!