Friday, August 13, 2010

Coffee Punch

Coffee punch is a rich creamy cold drink that I have used at a lot of the parties I is the recipe..enjoy...

Coffee Punch
1/2 c. instant coffee
1 c. sugar
1 c. water
Boil and cool
Then, in a punch bowl, add ice..I would say fill approx. 1/3 of the punch bowl
add to that a 1/2 gallon of ice cream..I use vanilla/vanilla bean
add 1 gallon of milk
and finally 1 pint of creamer...
stir and add a couple dollops of ice cream on top for good measure I say..and yes, you will to go off your diet to drink this..believe me...its worth it!
Thanks for all the kind words about the shower! and thanks for stopping by..Stephanie
P.S. How can I stop all this advertisement that is now on my blog after I posted about the bridal shower? It really makes me mad that these company's are putting links to their site off my blog..any help is great! Plus, isn't it illegal? My husband is so mad he is looking into it..I just had a call from my mom in law to use my blog to link back to her store and Im so happy! Especially since they asked permission..thats nice right? Its always nice to be asked....


BECKY said...

Hi Steph! Thanks so much for posting this recipe! I will use it a lot I'm sure!

Where are they putting ads are your blog? I looked around and didn't see them. That would be sooo annoying, though. And I'm sure it is against blogger's rules. I would contact them and see what they say.

Can't wait to try this recipe, gal! Hope you have a joyful weekend!

Angela said...

Thank you, sounds yummy!

Counting Your Blessings said...

I printed your receipe so that I can use it for a party I'm going to this Sunday. Thank you so much!!

And I think a wedding is a wonderful inspiration for the paperie party. We'd love to have you play along!

Blessings... Polly
Counting your Blessings & French Cupboard

Oklahoma Granny said...

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. It sounds so yummy and I don't even care for coffee. But your coffee punch sounds sinfully delicious.

There's a new place on the Comments page where you can report Spam. I'd consider unwanted advertising Spam.

Uncovered Ruby said...

YES, I'm going to make this for our bbq we're having on Friday!! Thanks for sharing, yummmmm.
I haven't had any trouble with advertisers linking to my blog, I just get a ton of chinese and some foreign languages for comments. I finally had to just change it so I had to approve the comments first. Hope you can get yours figured out..
Lisa ;-)