Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And so it began..with a quick stop at Tams and a little juggling of who was wearing what..we were off to Beth's (she is the very talented photographer who did the shoot) She was so sweet to us all as she offered us ice water and helped me clean up an unfortunate "accident" by Ella who was waiting ever so patiently to use the bathroom..all this and taking pictures while gently instructing her cute boys to behave themselves..oh mylanta! Were they ever so cute! The girl can do it all in my book..

Miss Ella waiting for her turn..

clothes are set out and ready to use..

hair done and flowers in place..

and off we venture into the forest..

Shelly was giggly as she struck poses...she did great!

I followed Beth around and had camera envy..I know it's wrong..however I did get over it as she is so sweet...heheee

the girls really had fun..

picking flowers and wearing pretty dresses..

Tam was there to do all the adjusting and give encouragement along the way..I wont tell what she said that made the girls giggle....

It was fun for me to trail behind Beth..if you get a chance to have her photograph your family you will love her as she is very patient and calm..unlike the models..hahaaa just kidding..the girls were so quiet that Tam had to say the thing she said to pull them out of it! lol

in the fields behind Beth's home we tracked around and took shots everywhere..

Don't you just love, love, love these dresses!?

Little Miss Muffets..

Kendra ,who is Shelly's girl, looks so cool..loving the colors of this bag!

My girl..she is my heart! These bags are great looking and huge so you can really pack it full..maybe for books for school?

The little girls model the beach bag and towel..don't you just love the gaze Raya is using on adoring!

all in a row..the patterns are girly and fun!

See these greats slippers? You can get the pattern..yes! you can! I have close up's of them if you would like to see them up close..

I love the patterns because they are modest, feminine and classy..hope you enjoyed everything! I did! Thanks Tam for having us and Beth your so talented! Check out for more information on anything you see here Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Out in the Fields said...

Awesome! Why didn't you get to model if Shelly did?! As soon as the pics are up on the website let me know so i can direct people to it via my blog.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Stephanie, makes me wish I would have came with, but someone had to run the store right?Everyone did a great job I am so proud of all of you.Thank You!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I just love tagging along on a photo shoot with a professional. It just makes me all giddy. Thanks for taking me along on this one. The girls did a fabulous job modeling! They are all simply adorable. Now I'm off to check out SeeSissySew.

Beth said...

thank you stephanie! what a sweet blog! everything went so well on tuesday...the girls were all perfect! thanks for traveling all the way out here. i think it was worth it:) i'll have pictures soon...