Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello there! I'm stopping in myself to let you know that Mr.Computer and Miss Camera are in a spat...I'm trying to work with them..but really ...they are being unreasonable (between you and me)...Miss Camera is being a little shall we say...temperamental? She refuses to upload photos to share with all of you..Mr.Computer isn't even acknowledging her and I am at my wits end with these may not be all their fault I admit..I have my hands in this a little.. if I'm being honest..but what am I to do? I have such limited knowledge about what Mr.Computer wants of me..I learn more about him everyday but still, I feel like he doesn't really get me..ya know? Miss Camera may be in need of a little TLC..she has been dropped on her head so many times there is a crack in her window..poor thing..if only she would listen to me when I scream at her about her lack of battery power and her oh so slow functions..I whisper sweet nothings in her ear to make her work but alas..she is so stubborn...only when SHE is ready can we can anything done...I am not even kidding her..I'm trading her up if she doesn't knock this stuff off....Mr. Computer is grinning..hehheee... me too.....I hope to get them speaking to each other the mean time, I will have to do some posts on other things..yes, Miss Camera... that is a threat...hmmmm. Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it Stephanie


Windy Ridge said...

hehe love it:)

Oklahoma Granny said...

Sounds like your Mr and Miss are having some similar issues like my new cell phone and camera photos. I just got the new cell phone, one with a little chip in it. I loaded some photos on it that were saved on my computer so I could have them on my phone too. But my phone doesn't like them.

I LOVE that heart lock!

Mary said...

send them to counseling!!! :)

I love this photo!! Did you take it?? I would love to purchase a copy of it if possible!!!

BECKY said...

I love this photo, too, Steph!! I soo understand about Miss Camera etc... My girl has been acting up ever since my grandy dropped her. I was suppose to get one for my birthday, but never rallied enough cash. Soon...very soon. Until then I just talk real nice to her! HA!

So nice to visit! Finally got my shop open so I can breathe a little!!
Hope your holiday was grand and that you have a joyful week!