Wednesday, October 20, 2010

family gatherings....

Hello again friends..our Fall was up for a couple days but we had to take it down as we have family dinners here..the kids willingly ate at the breakfast bar but I couldn't handle it anymore..I enjoy our dinners...we have the best conversations here..after my husband started college and the kids had school all day for awhile, it was a hit and miss dinner time..but I insisted we all eat together and I'm glad I thing that helped our family is to eat as soon as the kids get home from school instead of doing snacks. We just have dinner and then do snack time around the time most people get home for dinner..the kids come home hungry and it was a joke to do after school snacks because they were never hungry for flip flopping everything helped..we have our days where it doesn't work but even so I make dinner together a is dinnertime at your house? I remember as a kid, dinner time was so chaotic... it was like you put the food on the table and jumped would have thought it was the last supper! It was a dangerous time, as it was every man for himself..I came from a crazy big family with no manners and little regard for life when food hit the table..which makes perfect sense that I have food anxieties! As my kids got older, it got sooooo much better! If you have any good stories to share please do! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


LuLu said...

great tablescape for Autumn!

irishgirlsews said...

Beautiful table, use your good linens, use your best dishes, light candles, you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen, just sit and enjoy each others company, your kids will remember this time, and the best part is they will try and provide this for their families when they grow up. Maybe just a wonderful homemade dessert and something pre-made at the local market, but do sit and enjoy each other. As a mom of 3 very active kids, it was a blessing to have them at the table every night and some good wholesome food to share.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

How pretty!

Harvest Moon said...

I'm not a very traditional mom. One thing I am insistant on is that we all eat dinner together. So funny, we eat when the kids get home from school too! My little one will not eat dinner if snacks are first. This seems to work well for us.
I grew up in a large family and dinner was always done 1-2-3. I still eat fast because of those days!

Dianna said...

You have such a beautiful home, Stephanie. It has such a peaceful effect when I view your pictures. Your fall tablescape lends itself to that same calming trend. No clutter and anything that is visible has a purpose. I love that!

Dinner has always been a "family time" for me...both as a child and then when we started our own home. It is amazing the things a parent can learn about their children if you listen closely to what they share about their day as they enjoy good food.

As a child, my mother used the evening meal to also train us in proper etiquette. My brothers were trained to pull out chairs for my mother and myself, etc. It was also for that meal of the day that I was taught at an early age the proper placement of the silverware and how to set the table for different occasions. Although it may sound like a stressful time to some, for us it was the highlight of our day because we did share our lives as we ate the delicious meals our mother had prepared. Thanks for brought back lots of fun memories. :-)