Monday, June 28, 2010

now accepting ideas...

Hey there! Happy Monday! Today, I'm asking for ideas for teens... yep....that's the question of the day kids have chores each day..mostly..let's not start rumors here..but after that, they really struggle with what to do for the whole day at home..there is the pool.. games and other things like videos... two of my teens go for runs almost every day since they have been out of school.. but, I would love some ideas that keep them healthy and busy..I really wish they could get jobs picking berries and stuff like that..ya know, like the good ol days? Now they can't hardly get work ....much less at the age of 16! So ideas are being accepted a sista out will ya? and maybe many others! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


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Laura said...

I have 3 adult daughters, and I remember well those wonderful days of summer.

It sounds like you are taking care of it-
my girls had chores too and they were always enrolled in some sort of sport activity to keep them active and (above all) to help them hone their skills for the school year.
It is so competitive in Texas these days!

Enjoy- it goes by so fast.
Your blog is lovely-

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