Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Congratulations to Carla from Southern Shabby Chic

I really want to thank her and all of you great people who follow my blog! I have been very very busy and have had little time to blog..I have hope all will slow down and I can get back in the groove! Hang in there! I have lots to share! Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Anonymous said...

We all go thru slow times, take it easy on yourself.....smiles.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Congrats to Carla! The rest of this week is going to be way busy for me. We'll have our whole family together for Easter this year and we're having a family photo done on Saturday hopefully. We're doing an outdoor shoot and there's a chance of rain.

Blessings to you this Easter season.

Kolein said...

Congratulations to Carla!!!

Looking forward to reading your blog when things are right! I'm taking a bit of a break right now myself. I really feel like my boys are needing their mommy - home schooling and getting ready for the school year to come to a close. A little panic always sets in this time of the year for me...."Did I teach them everything they needed to learn?" Just a "little" question looming over me!!!

I keep checking in here (always!).

XOXO ~Kolein