Thursday, November 6, 2008


I can hardly believe my eyes! i think i started my own blog! all with out danny's guidence! i'm so excited i could cry I hope to be able to keep in touch with everyone as long as this really works!Donna can u believe this so gosh im not sure what to say so i guess i will wait to see if this really works! let me know1


Donna said...

I've always told you how amazing you were!! I'm so excited to keep up on you and your kiddos and your life. You have to tell me who is in the pictures...cute little tykes!

The Whispering Creek House said...

well from left to right makayla who is Anitas then kateria who is holly's and then mine is ella the biggest smiler there! im glad we have a way to share too im so excited Holly is going to help me figure out how to put pictures on so that will be nice. she helped me with this one. talk you ya soon!

Amy said...

Hey Stephanie! Way to go on getting the blog up...Donna, look what you started. Your trend has hit Washington! So fun to see what everyone is up to.